Ethopia - Program measurement & evaluation system

Program measurement & evaluation system

Hararghe Catholic Secretariat
Water & Sanitation

"The BOTFL experience left me with questions... lots of questions.  Many of these questions I would not have known to ask myself before BOTFL, and many of the answers I thought I had about life or about the world became questions once again.  Who am I in this world?  What am I capable of?  What is business capable of, and what is it not capable of?Does business need law, peace, and stability to work?  What does it mean to lead?  Who am I called to be as a businessperson?  What does it mean to create impact?  How can I create impact?  How am I called to use business as a force for good?These are big questions.  These are questions that deserve continual thought and reflection.  These are questions whose answer will change as I change.  BOTFL has had and will continue to have a lasting impact on my life."

Mary Clare Sullivan, NDMBA '12