Indonesia - New business investment ideas for disaster preparedness

New business investment ideas for disaster preparedness

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Disaster preparedness

"My time with BOTFL changed the way I viewed the world and my place in it. I went from feeling like one voice in a world with massive problems to someone with a part to play in finding and bringing about overlooked solutions. I read the news and travel with a different outlook on what actually is--and isn't--being said. I see connections I missed before and feel I have no choice but to find a way to contribute and support those who already are. BOTFL also prepared me to take on unknown challenges. In a job where As a returned Peace Corps Volunteer preparing to go to business school, I knew I wanted to join an MBA program that appreciated the practice of using business for good.  When I learned about Notre Dame’s Business on the Frontlines course, my decision was pretty much made for me.  Not only did the course focus on a socially responsible approach to business, it provided groups of students the opportunity to put it into practice.  BOTFL challenged me in ways that can’t be simulated in a classroom, leading to incredible growth—especially with regard to my teamwork and communication skills.  Perhaps most importantly, I learned not to shy away from big challenges.  I’m confident that my BOTFL experience will lead me to have a greater impact on the world around me and for that I’m extremely grateful."

John Flanagan, NDMBA '16