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Building Livelihoods in the Most Vulnerable Communities

Business on the Frontlines examines the impact of business in societies affected by extreme poverty and conflict. As a course in the Notre Dame MBA program, BOTFL provides opportunities for students and alumni to engage and partner with non-profit organizations and multi-national companies to harness the dynamism of businesses in the hopes of promoting stability and economic opportunity.

About the Course


There’s sprucing up a languishing company, and then there’s dropping into war zones and helping to rebuild entire economies.

- Forbes "The 10 Most Innovative Business School Classes"

Global Impact

Since 2008, BOTFL teams have worked on over thirty business and peace related projects in over twenty-five countries.

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Our Partners

Multi-national corporations, humanitarian organizations, and the armed forces are all necessary partners in the pursuit of peace and the long term stability of societies throughout the world.

  • MercyCorps
  • GE
  • World Vision
  • accenture

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